Wednesday, May 3, 2017

falling rock hike

On the evening of Easter day, I really wanted to get outside. It was so beautiful out and there were enough clouds in the sky that I thought I might be able to get a decent sunset shot. I decided on driving up to Falling Rock since I had never been there before. Crazy since I grew up here and it's so popular and accessible. So off we all drove but Evie forgot her coat. This old Gothenburg baby blanket gift was just the thing to keep her warm.

It was a bit scary and I wouldn't let the kids come anywhere near (many people have fallen and died), but it was gorgeous. This is looking west, just waiting for the sun to set.

Rapid Creek. 

Looking east. 

Sunset was underwhelming from this angle, but still pretty. 

Brenda gave her that little Swede Baby blanket. Good memories. 

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