Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Noah's 12th birthday!!

It is very hard to believe my first born just turned 12! The kid that first made me a mom quite unexpectedly and filled me fear that I wouldn't be able to love him or be a good mom is now two thirds away from adulthood! Noah is a kind, tender, and soft hearted boy. Though he is competitive, he's not the kind that is super athletic, preferring instead to read or play video games, but he is intense when he gets into something. 

Noah's birthday was on a Wednesday and that was fortunate since daddy could hang out a little longer before going to work. We all slept in a little and then got him up with the birthday song.

 Daddy brought home donuts after his run.

Since we had youth group that evening we couldn't party at the usual time. Terry parents came into town in the morning and we celebrated early.

One box-o-fun :) 

Noah got some Legos, surprise surprise, and Pokemon cards.  

Evie contributed to a Lego Darth Maul figurine. 

Noah was rather happy with it. Ha ha. 

Luna is a crazy puppy and goes nuts when anyone visits, especially the Grampas it seems. We keep him away from Jerry because she's extra wild with him. Alice doesn't mind her though!

Morning nap time! 

Since Noah's birthday fell on a Wednesday night he was sung to "mafia style" by the youth group. Ha! He said it was so embarrassing.

Gramma and Grampa K along with Shari gave Noah some cash as a gift. Last weekend we went to Toys-R-Us and let him browse the Pokemon card section. I just don't get his fascination with these cards. I can't believe they charge money for them! Oh well, he loves them.

We had a very busy weekend so it was sort of difficult to fit in a proper party with cake. We had a debate to attend on Friday night and then the apologist spoke at church Saturday. After that though we had Noah's friend Jack over for the night. 

The following day the olders had their piano recital but that evening we had cake with my folks and Shari, Jesse, and the girls. Happy birthday to our biggest boy!

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