Wednesday, May 10, 2017

awana awards 2017

Wednesday May 3 was Awana Awards night. It was Noah's first year of not participating since he was in youth group but on the other hand it was Ezra's first year of Cubbies. 

They started out awarding the Cubbies. The first five or so kids they called up weren't there so when they called Ezra's name, he was the first kid to actually go up and therefore got some applause. 

Ezra on the bottom row. He did pretty well this year. Terry worked with the littles on their verses and I was impressed that a three year old could retain anything. He can speak better than Samuel could at that ago though of course. Ha ha. 

Next up were the Sparks and Samuel. He made some real strides this year in language and memorization. He's in the top middle row.

The whole Sparkies group. 

Grace is pictured here in the bottom right. 

Evie liked to save her memorizing for Wednesday afternoons so I have no idea how she could do it. She set a lot of verses to her own little songs or wrote them down but that still doesn't seem like real memorization to me. Next year I'll try to get her to be more consistent. She did very well though and wished she could progress quicker through her book. 

The lighting is terrible in the sanctuary but here is Evie's whole group. 

Terry was in and out of the entire ceremony since youth group was still going on in the cafe court. We hung out a bit afterwards and Ezra got to play some box hockey with daddy. 

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