Monday, June 12, 2017

family reunion weekend + roller coastering

The day after we returned from Minnesota, we had a jam packed weekend with Terry's family in town for his Gramma's 94th birthday, an anniversary celebration, plus all the graduation receptions we had. Though we were incredibly busy, it was all just so good. 

After two receptions we headed out to Maranda and Douglas' for lunch, cake, bouncy castles, and photos. 

Singing Happy Birthday to Great Grandma Dorothy.

Seven of her eight kids were there, including Terry's dad of course (and missing David). Dallas, Jerry, Barb, JoAnn, Jim, Bob, and Darryl.

They rented a bouncy castle since there were more kids than adults running around, though I heard there was a competition between adults and kids to see who could get through it the fastest. Ha!

Lining up for another photo. Bob's son-in-law, Roger, is a photographer and took several family pictures over the weekend. He was our wedding photographer nearly 13 years ago!

Noah, Evie, and Grace.

My pretty girl.

Gramma, Shari, and Rebekah.

The following afternoon was Bob and Pat's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Cake, visiting, and more pictures! Darryl, Jerry, Dallas, Gramma, Jim, Bob, David, Barb, and JoAnn.

After the anniversary party was over, most everyone came out to the ranch for some roller coaster riding!

They did this last year, though I think we were out of town or something because we didn't know about it. But last year Jerry made the mistake of allowing too many people to go at once (three to a seat) and they sort of broke it. He got it fixed up for this weekend just in time and instituted new rules - only two riders per seat. Oh, and additionally, the coaster has brand new seat pads! Prior to this they had been worn through and you'd sit mostly on wood.

Tawnya and Tamara look so happy!

Terry recorded us all the way around for our first ride.

Noah took these pictures of us and I love this one.

Waving at Samuel and Gramma.

When I took this video of us I was slightly annoyed with Terry for being such a dork. However when we watched the video back and actually saw what he had been doing, I laughed and laughed. It cracks me up!

Shari and Sarah. 

Bob and Pat went around several times, perhaps only because it was their anniversary. It was cute!


And again!

I tried to catch some of the other riders as well - Ashley, Lynette, Lori.

Roger in yellow. Ashley and her boyfriend. Jesse up front. 

Natasha and Jesse.


Getting ready to go.

I also love this shot. 

Terry and his cousin Brett went around with Bob and Pat and they were pretty funny.


Holding a TV? Making a pizza? Strangling someone?

I hiked up the hill to enjoy the scenery. Such a pretty view.

Down by the barn.

After everyone left we went inside and had some spaghetti together. Evie and Grace had to be dragged away from their little hide out they made. Those two girls love each other so much. 

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  1. It was such a great wknd!! :) Thank you for the great pictures!!