Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ezra's 4th birthday

Ezra's birthday was on May 31 and he turned a big FOUR years old. Man, every year it's incredible to me how much my kids grow, but this year really hit me more how huge my baby is. He's a preschooler now! 

Terry got up early for an easy run (because his race was that weekend) and picked up a balloon for Ezra afterwards. Once we returned home we all sang the traditional wake up birthday song. 

He was a little sleepy but still pleased. He's so cute! I LOVE his little cheeks. He hates it, but I'm always squeezing them with my fingers and kissing them when I can get away with it. He's not going to have little squishy cheeks all that much longer! Sob!

Ezra requested a donut with sprinkles for breakfast. Well the night before Shari had a bunch of extra food from her Monopoly game pieces at Safeway and she gave us several things, donuts being one of them. It was perfect because there was blue one, Ezra's favorite color, with sprinkles! Plus Terry didn't have to buy any early that morning. Ezra was very pleased.

A four year old, his blue donut, and his blue balloon.

That morning was just spent outside playing casually. I made a trip to Safeway that afternoon for cake supplies, etc. and was surprised to see Ezra's favorite toy kitty, Streaky," chilling on the back of the Envoy!

Ezra must have left him there when he was playing out front and of course I didn't see him before I left. I think it was a legitimate miracle that Streaky did not fall off due to my crazy driving. 

During lunch I brought Ezra outside to celebrate his precise birth moment at 12:20pm. We took a bunch of selfies and some Boomerang videos. It was fun.

Ezra shares the day with my brother Nathan who turned 32 this year. My parents were in Minnesota with him still, for a vacation that was extended because of the funeral. All that to say my folks couldn't come to the party, Terry's parents couldn't come, and Shari couldn't come. That was totally fine since we've celebrated birthdays every month since February and even I get tired of making cakes. Ha. But this was a beauty...sort of. Ezra wanted blue frosting and "black cake" (it took forever to decide on that). I didn't wanna dye the whole cake so I just bought a tube of blue frosting. It was a bit crude but it worked for us. 

Ezra was quite happy with the end product :D

Blowing the candles.

It was a special little treat for him to lick the candles off. 

After the song we started right in on the gifts.

Monster trucks. He loves those.

It struck me that evening that Luna's fur was finally (since April 8) starting to come in more fully and fluffily. Yay!

Back to Ezra and his very own Lego plane! Noah put it together for him. He's really been enjoying it.

Back to cute Luna.

Some Cars 3 cars.

An excited reaction to a gift we can't see yet...

He got Rubble from Paw Patrol! Apparently Evie had a dream that each of the kids were one of the Paw Patrol characters and Ezra was Rubble. He's really owned that. He was completely psyched to get him.

And one small car from Evie, the girl who loves to give gifts (Daddy facetimed her from Walmart and let her pick one for Ez). Later, Shari got him a new Paw Patrol DVD (which he loves) and a Paw Patrol water bottle (which he also loves). Terry's folks got him all the little Paw Patrol characters (which he definitely loves). 

Panning over to poor, tired, and old Bo who stayed with us for two weeks while my parents were gone (Terry babysat him alone while me and the kids were in MN).

We had just planted the garden the day before so after cake and ice cream I went outside to water everything. I snapped some pics of the dogs - they like each other quite a bit. Luna runs circles around Bo but he just loves being able to wander free in the back yard and to hang out with the kids while they're out back. He's very social. We left him at my folks house with a babysitter for Terry's race and he was more than ready to return home with us.

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