Friday, June 2, 2017

mother's day 2017

My kids have inherited Terry's fondness for giving gifts. I am not like that at all, not even in the slightest way, so it had to have to come from him. I knew Evie had something in the works since she was sneaking around and I wasn't allowed to follow her. Two days before Mother's Day, she took Terry and Prae, who was over visiting, out back to do something, which I thought was her just showing them some sort of card or gift. Then on Sunday, Mother's Day, Carol said she had seen Evie's gift and it was pretty great. Then her Sunday school teacher Connie let it slip that Evie performed it for her class. Whoops! So I found out it was a song. She performed it for me at Pizza Ranch when we had lunch with Terry's folks. 

Okay but seriously, how did I get such a great daughter? I love my little Evie squish! 

Evie also made me a card, as if the song wasn't enough. Check out those acrostic words. HA! Evie said "Off Limits" means I drive over the speed limit. Guilty. Then "Not That Mean" means exactly that. She said I'm not "that" angry but I still get angry. I guess that is true as well! The smaller card was made at church as well. Very pretty.

Little Sah-muel got this goose egg shortly after he gave me my card. Poor guy.

Samuel made this for me in his Sunday school class. He spent a lot of time coloring it.

He gave me the envelope and then took it all right back because he wanted to color it more. How sweet is he?! Love my kids.

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