Saturday, June 6, 2015


We have never planted a garden before and now that our kids are getting a little older, we wanted them to be able to have that experience. My folks used to have a large garden, as did Terry's. I have very unpleasant memories of weeding said garden for what seemed like hours and hours under the hot sun. I'm sure it was good for me (I was a punk), but it gave me no love for gardening. I think I've finally come to terms with it though and with Terry's help, I'm going to overcome.

Memorial Day weekend we went shopping at Menards for seeds and plants. I don't know which seeds are good so we just bought what they had and what sounded good to us. We bought twice as much as we had room for. Live and learn. I am learning a lot because I know nothing.

So when we returned from Menards on Memorial Day, we got right to work. We had to. Otherwise it would never happen. We decided where things would go and Terry started with the two tomato plants. And then it started raining. It has been raining like non-stop these last few weeks! No precipitation January through April and then bam, at the end of May and now June, we've been hammered. Lots of flooding around here!

The rain quit after just a little bit and we resumed. Terry is nothing if not a perfectionist. So all his rows are evenly measured out.  

The kids were in charge of dropping seeds in. They kept remarking how fun it was. They loved it. Yay!

So here is the raised bed that's behind the garage. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we had even build these things. It was back at the end of March when we made the brick path. Then Terry brought two trailer's full of yummy old corral dirt/manure from the ranch to fill the beds with. 

The tweeny plant on the left is a strawberry plant. I'd like to add to it, obviously. Ha! In the middle are two kinds of peppers. And on the right are the tomato plants.

This is the second bed, which is on the other side of the deck, outside Noah's room and the laundry room. Planted there are carrots, peas and beans. 

While Terry and the kids were planting vegetables, I got to work on my flowers. Like I mentioned when we completed the path, I wanted to put Cosmos flowers on the back side of the deck. So here are my Cosmos seeds!

This is where they are planted.

In this empty dirt area I planted the other flower seeds, the Columbine and Poppies. I'm not sure if they're going to make it. The Cosmos have started to come up, but not the others. Hopefully there's still time. It'll have been two weeks in a couple days since I planted... 

To the left of the second bed I planted more Cosmos and some Columbines. 

The hydrangeas were on sale for a steal of a deal and they looked a ton better than the ones Terry got me before I bought my pinks ones. So I scooped one up and planted it while Terry was still busy. 

It's on the other side of the window well from the pink hydrangeas. These are supposed to be blue, but because it really depends on the acidity of the soil, we will just see. Also, in between the pink hydrangeas I planted some Poppies. They haven't sprouted yet, so again, I'm in doubt. In the next couple of years our front bed should look really nice though! 

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