Friday, June 19, 2015

puddle walk

 While Terry was gone on his two week mission trip, the kids and I tried to stay busy in order to more quickly pass the time. The first night we were at my folks for pizza and that was super helpful. Home was depressing so it was good to get out of the house. It was always good to get out of the house! There were big thunderstorms dumping rain just north of us that evening. The tornado sirens went off, apparently, for flood warnings. Yeah, the kids freaked out but we were all fine. 

The second day I filled in at work (thankful I had that to do!) and that evening we had another big storm!

I like thunderstorms, but when they knock the power out while my husband is gone, it makes me feel a little vulnerable. Hoping it wouldn't last long, I let the kids play on some mini-screens. Haha, a phone, an ipod and a Nook. 

After an hour we got our power back and then it went right out again until 1030 that night. We decided to go for a walk. I talked to Terry on the phone that night and the kids waded through the deep puddle up the road from us. The neighbor kids had been swimming in that!

And then Evie fell in! It was quite funny. It wasn't so funny for her to shower in the dark or for me to get all four ready for bed by myself (Terry is so incredibly helpful at bedtime. He does takes care of the older three and I do just Ezra. Usually by that time of the day I've just had it). I was so thankful when that power came back on.

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