Tuesday, June 9, 2015

new dresser

Terry and I have had these passed down dressers since we got married. Before we got married actually. They belonged to Terry's uncle who generously gave them to us a few months before we moved into the trailer on the ranch. We had nothing so it was super helpful! At the time they were a blonde color, like from the 80s or perhaps early 90s. Either way, we didn't care for it and so Terry painted/stained them himself. To add some texture to them, while they were still wet he pressed a Walmart plastic bag into the stain. Believe it or not, they were much improved, and I liked them at the time. But they were getting older. They needed repainting or some serious TLC. 

However, in the fall Terry made us a new platform storage bed that held four drawers. And the two on the end are massive. So my idea was to retire our old dressers and replace them with one slightly larger, prettier one and use the new space under the bed. 

But that didn't happen for a while. I told Terry's dad I was interested in a new dresser if he ever ran across one in the Classifieds or at an auction. I searched Craigslist in the fall, looked at a couple and then forgot about it. We just grew accustomed to having both dressers cramped on one wall in our bedroom with just barely enough room to enter the room. 

But two days before Terry's mission trip, Jerry found just the thing. He discovered this lovely oak dresser at an auction, so we got it for a steal of a deal. And I seriously love it!

While I was cleaning it up, I found the bottom two drawers were made of cedar! All that patience or forgetfulness paid off. Oh, and I was able to sell our old dressers so we came out ahead!

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