Sunday, June 7, 2015

Watiki with Ez

For Christmas last year, Terry's folks again got us a family swim pass to Watiki. We've been so busy though that we haven't been able to go. Finally, before Terry's trip, when the summer hours began, we spent a Friday morning there. We even took Ezra. It was his first visit since he was six months old. It's always just been so much simpler and enjoyable to let him nap at my folks, who live very nearby.

Here is his first time seeing the water. Very contemplative...

"What?! Why do you keep looking at me? What am I supposed to do?"

He loves bath time so we thought perhaps he'd run right in. Not so much. He was very careful. No funny business for him. 

We found during this trip that Samuel had relaxed somewhat. He's always been pretty afraid of the whole place. Well, there was an isolated incident of fun last fall when he went down the kids slides and had a blast, but usually, he does a lot of whining.

I tried to stay awake while Terry went with the kids down the slides. But look, Ezra sat in the water! 

Note the Samuel independence. This was unheard of previously. Also, I hope you recognize the Zoolander look. Evie had it as a baby and I was proud to see Samuel bringing it out again. 

Silly girl. Oh wait, it gets sillier. 

"Ho hum. How bored I am in this gigantic room." 

"Uh oh. He saw me. Better flirt." 

Starting to get a little bored. And hungry. 

Yep, there's the silliness right there. She gets it from her daddy

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