Tuesday, June 9, 2015

a few reasons why I love my husband

Terry is seriously the best dad. He's so selfless with our kids I just don't get it. I'm with them every single day (there's no fall school vacation from your kids when you homeschool) and I am totally selfish with my time. I don't want to sit down and play with them. Not even a little! But he's all about that. And that is precisely why I was attracted to Terry in the first place. Well, besides being totally sweet to his sister and ahem, previous girlfriends - the punks. And he was a very strong Christian. And cute. And tall. And funny. But I digress.

He's so good with kids! I have a very clear memory of hanging around outside Nikki's house before bible study while Terry played with her son Dylan, who is now in our youth group (crazy!). I was just inwardly swooning over how good he was with Dylan. I was really looking forward to having his kids when we got married. Of course, since they are his kids, they are crazy like he is. So it's a good thing he's around to help me.

Example number one of selflessness: He reads to them. He reads them pretty long stories too. When there was just Noah to read to, I could handle that okay. But even just adding Evie to the mix overwhelmed me with reading. Samuel and Ezra had no chance. Terry's helpful like that.

Example number two: Jump hugs. I don't know how Terry and the kids came up with this, but it's a tradition in our house now. If Terry has enough time before going to work, the kids will all beg for jump hugs, run up the stairs and fling themselves into his arms. It's a good trust exercise :) He's never dropped one yet!

How fun does that look?

Evie's always all dramatic about it. Has to be so girly. 

And Noah is getting too big to be allowed. Terry keeps saying he might have to quit catching Noah.  

Ezzie needed another jump. But he's easy so that it's okay. 

Reason number three: Thoughtfulness. And selflessness again. Before he went on his big trip to Mexico, he gave up his limited free time over several evenings and quiet times putting together these foam books for all of us. Yes, I got one too. He doesn't do this stuff all the time, but when he does, he goes big. When he did this kind of stuff when we were dating and engaged, I was totally overwhelmed. I had no experience with that kind of sweetness and I just did not know how to handle it or accept it. I had a lot of guilt. Debilitating guilt. But I'm better now. Now I can just enjoy it! I love my husband!

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