Sunday, June 7, 2015

growing Ezra

A couple weeks ago Ezra came to me in the kitchen, while the others were still downstairs, and wanted to go play outside. He loves playing out there. I had just set up a chair to get onto the trampoline and he climbed right up there. 

He'd never been able to get up there all by himself before, or jump by himself. He really enjoyed it. He's so big!

While he has come a ways from only eating pureed foods, he's still pretty picky. Annoyingly so. It's so irritating and frustrating. He wants me to feed him and not do it himself. And he doesn't want to eat much. It feels like he will never get this eating thing figured out. I know that's not true, but it sure doesn't take away the difficulty in the moment. 

So that same day I decided to try to get him to feed himself. We had some delicious chicken and rice...

He actually did it! He ate quite a bit by himself. It was a small victory. We're still working on small steps every day, but this one felt particularly good.  

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