Friday, June 19, 2015

a lost tooth, softball mess

While Terry was gone on his two week mission trip, the kids and I tried to stay busy in order to more quickly pass the time. 

On the third day of Terry's trip, while Evie was at Rainbow, Noah lost a tooth. It was pretty curious that he lost it while Terry was gone on this particular trip. The last time Terry did this trip in 2011, Noah also lost a tooth - his very first tooth! I never did find it and assumed he swallowed the thing. Ha! He held onto this one and even though the usual tooth fairy had a substitute, she managed to find the tooth and give him a prize.

That afternoon we had another play date here at the house. Shari and her girls came over, as well as  Samuel's friend from preschool - Harper (and his mom Sarah, of course)! I didn't take any photos, but it was his very first play date specific to him. It all went well, but I don't think he understood the significance ;)

That evening we stayed out late at the softball fields. Our church team played at 7pm and there was a BBQ afterwards. Because it had been so rainy that week (and the month before), the grass surrounding the fields was like a marsh. There were puddles everywhere! At first I thought it would be okay because it gave Ezra and Samuel something to do - throw rocks into puddles. But it soon dissolved into Ezra sitting, and then laying in the water. I tried and tried to keep him out of that water. But each time he got a little more wet and finally I just gave in and let him go for it. Our team in the dugout kept looking at me, trying to clue me in to what was going on. Oh, I knew. 

He would climb up the sand pile next to the dugout, run down and plop himself into this little puddle. 

I guess I should be thankful it was a small one. But perhaps if it had been bigger he wouldn't have gotten so sandy. Good Lord! The littles had to have a late bath that night. 

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