Friday, June 19, 2015

Evie to Rainbow

While Terry was gone on his two week mission trip, the kids and I tried to stay busy in order to more quickly pass the time. 

Wednesday, the third day of his trip, was spent with friends over at our house. The Oaks came to play and even Debbie and her girls stopped by. They were all so helpful and encouraging to me. That night we had another crazy big storm in the middle of the night. I was surprised none of the kids ran into my room. That's what all my friend's kids did!

Thursday June 4th we took Evie out to Rainbow Bible Ranch. This was her second trip. The drive out there was scary because the road was very muddy as a result of all the huge amounts of rain we'd been having. I followed Suzie home so if anything happened to either of us, at least we'd have each other on the road. She took this photo for me :)

A highlight of the trip are the kittens. They all love those babies. I do too! Look how happy Noah is :)

I want one so bad! Stinking Snap dog. He hunts them.

Cowgirls all ready to go!

We went back the following evening to watch their small program. I was late so we missed the beginning. But at least it didn't rain again. The roads were better.

Afterward they showed us their skills on a horse. There were about 60 kids so it took a while to get a turn!

She was happy to see us again and liked getting her picture taken.

Getting on the horse.

She can't ride by herself. Perhaps that's why the lines move slow. The kids have to be led around. What good helpers they have there.

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